Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 14th Annual

Portfolio Management

Aligning Portfolio and Productivity with Corporate Strategy to Drive Innovation and Value

October 17-18, 2019

In an environment of declining revenues and uncertain commercial success, biopharma, device and R&D companies need to continuously evaluate their portfolios. Manufacturers must make tough decisions about which products and projects to pursue to optimize long-term revenue and reduce overall risk. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s and the BioPharma Strategy Series’ 14th Annual Portfolio Management: Aligning Portfolio and Productivity with Corporate Strategy to Drive Innovation attracts over 100 senior R&D executives from the pharma, biotech, device, IT, public and governmental communities who share best practices in project and portfolio management, R&D innovation, decision analysis, change management, forecasting, and the improvement of operational models. Effective portfolio management requires the alignment of portfolio and productivity with corporate strategy, supporting agile development and adaptation of data into planning.

Final Agenda

Thursday, October 17

11:00 am Registration

12:10 pm Welcome from the Conference Organizer

Kaitlin Searfoss Kelleher, Conference Director, Cambridge Healthtech Institute

enrich_small_logo 12:15 Luncheon Presentation: From Single Source of Truth to Single Source of Understanding

Sonnenblick_RichardRichard Sonnenblick, PhD, CEO, Enrich

Why a single source of truth is important. Why a single source of truth is not enough for effective portfolio management. Building a case for tracking the assumptions behind the numbers. Why variance analysis is more than a ‘nice-to-have’ analysis tool. The building blocks you need for effective real-time scenario analysis

12:45 Session Break


1:25 Chairperson’s Remarks

Matthew Kokkonen, MBA, Director, Portfolio and Governance, Enterprise Excellence, CSL Behring

1:30 CO=PRESENTATION: Single Source of Truth: Using Enterprise Tools to Align Decisions

Ferrante_MichaelMichael Ferrante, Head, R&D Business Capabilities, R&D Strategy & Planning, Bristol-Myers Squibb






Rucci AlexAlexander Rucci, Senior Business Capability Analyst, R&D Strategy & Planning, Bristol-Myers 

In this presentation, we will explore how enterprise planning tools can drive better decisions. We will explore the power of multi-level planning, standard data and common definitions, and a single Book of Work can ensure alignment from the portfolio to the project to the functional area. We will discuss the interfaces between different systems that can align a large organization effectively and nimbly.

2:00 Towards Logical and Strategic Reasoning Within Pharma Drug Development Decisions

Ko_ElayneElayne Ko, Director, Portfolio Decision Sciences, GSK

In Jonathan Haidt’s book, he notes “intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second” and cites neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio, who observes gut feelings and bodily reactions are necessary to think rationally. Jonathan Haidt concludes, “the head can’t even do head stuff without the heart.” This presentation explores the implementation of the Decision Analysis process and facilitation approaches towards strategic reasoning without the cognition and emotion dichotomy to aid pharmaceutical drug development decisions.

2:30 Analytics and Culture: Lessons Learned and Comparisons Between Pharma/Biotech, Oil & Gas, and Government

Nieman_TimothyTimothy Nieman, Senior Manager, Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Management Office, BioMarin Pharmaceutical

This talk will discuss the similarities and differences in the application of decision analytics between pharma/biotech and oil and gas companies, as well as US government agencies, and how different business settings and cultures affect those applications. What best practices can we learn from other industries and what can they learn from us?

3:00 Introduction to Breakout Discussions

3:05 Refreshment Break with Exhibit Viewing

3:35 Interactive Breakout Discussions

GrantThornton 4:35 Networking Reception with Exhibit Viewing

5:35 Close of Day

Friday, October 18

8:00 am Morning Coffee


8:25 Chairperson’s Remarks

Daniel Patrick, Senior Director, Global Project Management and Leadership, Daiichi Sankyo

8:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Transforming Portfolio Decision Making through Use of AI

Kugener_IvanIvan Kugener, MD, VP, Head, Global Portfolio Management, Strategy, Merck KGaA

We are a team of seasoned scientists and portfolio professionals with more than 20 years of individual experience. This talk will discuss using machine learning models in the context of risk management and probability of success calculation, as well as eNPV and scenario building. This is a disruptive thinking approach to portfolio management; probability of success is the most important value driver to pipeline. This will provide an innovative and practical example on how to significantly improve decision making for the most uncertain and resource-hungry part of the pharma P&L.

9:00 Executing an AI Project: Insights and Impacts in Portfolio and Resource Management

Patel_JayJay Patel, Director, Oncology Operations, US Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Many organizations are looking at executing AI projects within their organizations. Because of the unique nature of Artificial Intelligence, many challenges exist for project teams who want to execute AI projects, and the experienced, successful, and proper execution of AI projects remains extremely elusive. Let’s explore some of these challenges from a Project Management perspective and ensure a more likely successful outcome with meaningful suggestions.

IQVIA 9:30 Forecasting Metamorphosis: From Manual to Machine-Automated?

Patel_JayDavid Wolter, Vice President, Consulting, IQVIA

Patel_JayRick Johnston, Principal, Strategy & Life Sciences, Consulting, IQVIA

In the past, forecasting has been a very manual process with forecasters trudging through analogues and historical datasets in an effort to increase predictive power. But today, machine learning has opened the door to another way – automated analysis of massive datasets. In this talk, we’ll explore how the new era of forecasting platforms supports the transformation of data to insights, as well as the risks of blind faith in data and number-crunching. To illustrate these concepts in action, we’ll show how one global pharmaceutical company implemented ‘machine-assisted’ solutions into their organization and the benefits they’ve seen.

10:00 Networking Coffee Break


10:40 Linking Corporate Strategic Portfolio to Projects Through Governance

Kokkonen_MatthewMatthew Kokkonen, MBA, Director, Portfolio and Governance, Enterprise Excellence, CSL Behring

Have you or your organization struggled to link corporate strategy with the projects across the functions working toward executing ‘a strategy’? This presentation explores an effective and working approach to bridging strategy and execution at a global scale.

11:25 CO-PRESENTATION: Analyzing Governance Decision Making and the Impact of Team Preparedness

Antis_ChristineChristine Antis, Senior Director, Portfolio Governance and Head of Portfolio Decision Sciences, Portfolio Management, GSK

Arun KejariwalArun Kejariwal, Senior Director, Head, Portfolio Management Capability Development & Innovation, GSK

We’ve all heard the saying ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Portfolio investment and decision making is believed to be based on data analytics and logical rubrics. Value, strategic fit, life cycle management are all sound rationales for investment. In this session, we’ll consider what a good decision is and how ‘good’ can be evaluated. We’ll also dive into how team preparation and the quality of portfolio analytics influences decision quality.

12:10 pm Enjoy Lunch on Your Own

12:40 Session Break


1:35 Chairperson’s Remarks

Christine Antis, Senior Director, Portfolio Governance and Head of Portfolio Decision Sciences, Portfolio Management, GSK

1:40 FEATURED PRESENTATION: Validated Probability Assessments – Insights from Lilly’s 20 Years of Experience

Persinger_CharlesCharles Persinger, Senior Research Advisor, Portfolio Strategy & Decision Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company

The probability of technical success of drug development projects is important, relevant information that informs both portfolio and project decisions. Lilly has over 20 years of experience assessing these probabilities and has over 1200 outcomes to validate the accuracy of these assessments. This presentation will discuss Lilly’s approach, analysis of assessment performance, and learning from their experience.

2:10 Pragmatic Approach to Implementing Portfolio Management and Optimization

Tevis_CrissyCrissy Tevis, Director, TOPS Portfolio Management, Technical Operations, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

In this talk, I will share our journey to transform the organization from siloed decision making and numerous project lists with misaligned priorities to a tiered portfolio management structure that uses optimization to select the best collection of projects within our resource constraints and aligned to our objectives.

2:40 CO-PRESENTATION: Exploring New Avenues in Portfolio Optimization: Pharma and Financial Counterparties Unite

Jonathan Freeman, Senior Advisor, Blackstone Life Sciences, COO, Anthos Therapeutics 
Avi Spier, Executive Director, Search and Evaluation, Business Development & Licensing, Novartis

Classically portfolio groups find “best fits” between strategy, pipeline, and R&D budgets, whereas the BD&L group “minds the gap” identified within the pipeline. However, a novel route to portfolio value maximization is being achieved though non-traditional, highly creative constructs between innovative pharma portfolio / BD&L groups and a new breed of financial counterparties possessing both deep capital and scientific resources. We analyze this new trend, discussing as a case study Anthos Therapeutics, formed by Blackstone and Novartis.


3:10 Leveraging Portfolio Analytics to Guide End-to-End Cell Therapy Development

Krishna_DelfiDelfi Krishna, Director, Cell and Gene Therapy Platform, R&D Strategy, Portfolio and Operations, GSK

We will share an approach to build a financial model for a cell and gene therapy asset and portfolio and discuss case studies that leverage the model and recommend organizational investments.

3:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Simplifying Portfolio and Resource Management Processes in the Age of Analytics

Patrick_DanielModerator: Daniel Patrick, Senior Director, Global Project Management and Leadership, Daiichi Sankyo

Handen_JeffPanelists: Jeffrey S. Handen, PhD, Director, Advisory Services, Life Sciences, Grant Thornton LLP

Tierno_DanDan Tierno, Associate Director, Project & Portfolio Management, Daiichi Sankyo

There has been an increase in advanced analytics across the scientific and business worlds, but sometimes our desire to test out the latest tools and algorithms has overly complicated our processes. This panel discussion will dive into ways companies are truly simplifying their portfolio and resource management processes, with or without data analytics.

4:10 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

4:15 Close of Portfolio Management

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